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 rules for the forum

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PostSubject: rules for the forum   Thu Jan 26, 2012 8:51 am

1): Keep this forum clean! Watch your language.
2): Don't fight with other members, if someone if bugging you, speak up!
3): No spamming!
4): Post in appropriate section, if you can't seem to find a place for your post, make a suggestion!
5): Listen to the moderators and admins!
6): Do not steal tracks!
7): Have fun. Smile

1) If you are contently using foul language or posting inappropriately you will receive one warning and if it continues you will be temporary banned and if it continues when you return, the ban will be longer.
2) If someone if causing you trouble, speak up and he will receive the appropriate punishment.
3) If you spam you will receive two warning and then temporary bans.
4) If you don't post in the right section and you have 20 posts or more then you will receive three warnings and if it continues you will receive a short temp ban (like 24 hrs or up to three days)
5) If you speak inappropriately to a mod or admin you will receive a harsh temp ban with no warning.
6) If you steal track you will have 1 warning and then a long temporary ban(like 3 weeks or up to 1 month)
7)If you don't have fun on this forum you will receive, no just kidding, there are no punishments for not having fun because i know it won't happen.
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rules for the forum
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